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Calling all video makers. Do you have that future award winning blockbuster sitting on your computer or phone and need a place to share it and even sell it. Well Meeovi Theater is the perfect place. Video makers receive 75% of their commission per sale. Plus we promote daily the videos, movies, and series to our social media sites of thousands of users and through our apps.

What type of Videos

Personal Videos

Personal videos like those adorable cat videos, videos about various topics, places, or things. You name it, if its a video Meeovi Theater is the place to host it.


Movies of all lengths are welcome here. All quality too, it can be that next blockbuster or that next phone taking movie. Some of the best movies has creatisim and less of the high tech quality.


Traditional TV Series, Web Shows, or just a collection of videos that relate to one another is perfect for the series part of Meeovi Theater.

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