What is Meeovi?

Meeovi is an all in one entertainment network that includes user curated videos that are uploaded and/or bookmarked from other sources. Meeovi also has a collection of content stores such as Meeovi Music, Movies & TV, Games, and Books. Meeovi also allows uploading images and personalized music.

How is Meeovi pronounced?

Me-oh-vee, it is a collection of me and video or me and movie. It also is a play on the word movie.

What type of video files does Meeovi support?

Meeovi supports mpeg, mov, wmv, avi, mkv, mp4, mod, ra, ram, asf, ogg, 3gp, qt, flv,  webm, jpeg, tiff, png, and mp3 files. But uploading in standard formats like mpeg, mp3, png, jpeg, mp4, and avi is highly recommended for better quality and streaming.

Is Meeovi free?

Yes Meeovi is free to use, however content from its various stores Music, Movies & TV, Games, and Books has prices ranging from $.99 and up.

Are purchases made through the Meeovi stores secure? 

Yes, all purchases are not made on Meeovi and are instead made through iTunes and Amazon secure channels.

How to upload content on Meeovi?

Using the above upload button, registered users can upload videos, music, and image types as well as bookmark videos from other sources.

How do i signup for Meeovi?

Click the menu button, then login or signup using Facebook, Google+ (coming soon), or creating a Meeovi Account.

Will Meeovi work in my browser?

Meeovi works on all browsers. Modern browsers that supports html5 is recommended.

Does Meeovi have an app on my platform?

Meeovi supports the following platforms: 

Apple = iOS

Google = Android OS, Android TV, Chrome OS, Chrome Webstore

Amazon = Amazon Fire OS (tablets, phones, appstore)

Microsoft = Windows 10 or higher (Desktop, mobile, tablets, Xbox, Hololens)

Canonical = Ubuntu OS (tablets, phones) and all Linux distrobutions

Samsung = Tizen OS (phones, tablets, TV (coming soon))

Jolla = Sailfish OS (phones, tablets)

just search the respective stores to get the apps. Currently apps for Meeovi Music, Games, Movies, and Books will come soon.

What resolutions does Meeovi support?

Standard (240, 480) and HD (720, 1080p)

Will it support 3D, 360 Videos, and 4K?

3D and 360 degree support is coming this spring 2017 and 4K is being evaluated and will be added as soon as power effiency can be achieved.

How are Meeovi and YouTube different?

Meeovi provides curated content from all type of videos including adult videos. Users has the option to bookmark videos from all around the web just by simply copying the url and then pasting it into the bookmark field via the upload page. Plus Meeovi also contain millions of music, games, books, movies, tv shows, and images. 

What if i have more questions?

Contact Meeovi Support through support@meeovi.com