Meeovi is always innovating with new ways to be a better seller. But we are also looking at new ways to get more and more developers, third party companies, and even content creators to use our services across various platforms, apps, websites, and bring a truly cross platform marketplace.

Why Meeovi?

Design it on the road

Meeovi is contanstly investing in all supported platforms. So we have built our system to be unique in that it adjusts to fit various devices from mobile to desktops to TVs and game consoles. Developers can expect our APIs to be the same way.

Fit for your corporate needs

Meeovi offers content and apis for those content in various fields for all types of business needs. If you need videos, books, games, music, or podcasts we have a large selection to make sure you can accommodate your specific needs.

Meeovi works so you can rest

We have cloud computing power to handle even the heaviest of requests. However, for those heavy request you may indur a charge per usage, hour, weekly, or month depending on the content or app you are using. Check below for more.

Tools and Notifications

When using Meeovi Developer Tools, we allow our developers to also take advantage of our notification system instead of building their own using our Apis.

Incorporate Retina HD images

All images on our site is good for even the top of devices. Our technology allows our Developers to take advantage of the same clear retina display as well.

Integrate it with your software

Our APIs allow you take advantage of our content but also marketplace features like shopping cart, user management system, etc.

To become a developer just simply contact us and we will provide more in dept documentation and depending on your needs provide you with payment options and prices. Check below for more information.
Felix Doughry
UX Designer