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Apps Everywhere

We have apps for many platforms including iOS, MacOS, Android, Chrome OS, Windows, Tizen, Blackberry, Sailfish, and Linux OS. We assure that your advertisements will reach each platform that our apps are running on.


Meeovi and Picpicgo has a wide collection of ads. To get the most out of your ads, you can pay for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and soon yearly.


Our editor can create ads, update them, and share them to numerous platforms and work similarly to Google Adsense where you can create ads to display and Google Adwords where you can pay for ads to appear across various properties all in one place.

Types of Ads

We have text ads that appears across our site along with videos and interactive ads.

Responsive Ads

Our ads appear across mobile, tablet, desktop, and TVs. With a responsive nature, ads can appear big, small, horizontal, or vertical.

The Magic of Digital

Because we are digital, you don't have to worry about charging for seperate channels as your ad account can appear across all of our platforms, apps, social accounts, and services at once.