Meeovi was started by Author and Programmer Sebastian Hilton in his one bedroom apartment in Las Vegas. Frustrated with how expensive it was to get his content into certain online stores like Amazon, iTunes, and more with their relatively high monthly costs, start-up fees, and the long list of must-dos in order for your content to remain on their platform. He set out to create his own platform. Meeovi started out as a video platform with occasional music and images. It grew to become a place for people to upload their digital content regardless of what it was while images were saved for Meeovi’s sister platform PicPicGO. The idea was to lower the barrier for creators to upload their content in less than 5 minutes, while choosing their price, their marketing, their direction, no monthly or startup costs, and more commission on each sale. PicPicGO was the same in that it focused on images instead of the other categories that Meeovi offered. The two sites now are growing into a digital marketplace where people don’t just come and buy but also a place where people consume that very content.